Golf Memberships

How do I become a member?

Memberships can only be bought online. Every time you book your membership benefit will be automatically applied to that booking.


 Once purchased, memberships cannot be changed or refunded. 

How many slots per day can I book?

You can book up to 2 rounds of 9-holes per day in accordance with the type of membership you have. 

No shows charges?

Members can book slots up to 14 days in advance, however, if you book a slot using your membership and fail to check-in for that slot you will be charged in full for that slot. Please only book when you intend to play. 


Memberships misuse?

Memberships are non-transferrable, on activating your membership you are required to upload photo ID and before playing you are required to check-in. 
If you allow another person to use your membership it will be cancelled without refund. 


How do I up load my photo ID?

After purchasing your membership you will be prompted to upload a photo for every person you have purchased a membership for. After doing so your membership will automatically. This process is really easy and can be done from your phone, this means you are not required to carry a membership card.  Photos are securely stored in accordance with data protection best practice. 

How I pay for my membership?

Memberships are paid in full on purchasing, we have monthly or year options.

What happens when my membership ends?

When your membership ends, it automatically stops and its benefits cease to apply to your account. You will be notified by email 7 and then 3 days before it expires with a link to renew if you wish. 


Monthly or yearly options?

Yearly memberships are cheaper than monthly memberships and are valid for 365 days from the day of purchase and are paid in full on purchase. Monthly memberships have no contract and are valid for 28 days from purchase, they allow you the flexibility to pick and choose the months you wish to play. Pay and Play membership is valid for 365 days from purchase and gives you a discount on green fees when you play. 


1. Choose the membership

2. Purchase online

3. Upload an image from your phone to activate

4. Make bookings online using your membership 

No need to set up a direct debit. 


Can buy multiple memberships on one account?

We do not offer family memberships, however, you can buy more than one membership stored against one account. Each time you book, our system will ask you which membership you wish to use for that booking. 

Can members book for non members?

A member can book for a non-member(S) at the same time, our online system will discount the member's slot.