Swim questions answered

About swim classes

What age can my child start lessons from?
From 6 weeks old, after their 1st set of jabs 

What do I need to bring with me?
Just bring your swimming costume and towel 

Our swim classes

0-1 years old, adult & child 
One parent is in the water with the child in group lesson.

1-2.5 years transition   
This is where we transition the parent out of the water.

Young Starfish 
Pre school age, learning with armbands 

Reducing the use of armbands 

Levels after Starfish 
We progress your child through the various groups based on ability not age.

Once your child is out of armbands we will progress them through the various levels Clownfish, Octopus, Turtle and dolphin.  

Cancelling a lesson

My child is sick?
We offer a makeup session that need to be taken within 7 days of the missed class. 
Makeup session are only offered on certain days and times. To be eligible for makeup
session you require a medical certificate for your child. 

Refund if my child is sick or on holiday?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds or credits 

How to book & pay

How do I book my child's 1st lessons?

How do I book more lessons?
You can top up lessons from your home portal or pop in an see the swim school 

The home portal wont let me buy top up lessons?
You must have at least 1 credit to use the portal.  

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