Trampoline Park Guidelines & FAQs

Height restrictions

There is no minimum height restriction to use the trampolines. However, to use the Ninja Warrior Course and Airbag a minimum of 1.2 metres. The Total Wipeout Machine is a minimum of 1 metre. 

Age restrictions

There are no age restrictions to use the trampolines beds, however, under 5s must be accompanied on the bed by an adult who has paid to participate. This is the only circumstance where two persons are allowed on one trampoline bed. Some equipment within the Trampoline Park has height restrictions. 

Adult to child ratios

Children under 12 must be accompanied into Jump Jersey by an adult in the following ratios: Ages 5 years to under 12 years old inclusive, require one adult to no more than 5 children. Newborn children to 4 years inclusive, one adult to two children. Adults need to remain in the café or viewing areas whilst the activity is taking place. 
Newborn children to 4 years inclusive, must be accompanied at all times on the activity. 

Medical restrictions

Certain medical conditions will prevent you from using the trampolines, please check our terms and conditions. 

Refunds & changes

Bookings are firm and slots can't be changed after booking. 

Trampoline Arena includes

Trampolines, Dodgeball, Airbag, Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout Machine. Please note height restrictions can apply to some equipment. 

Trampoline Socks

You must wear our approved trampoline socks, they can be bought online and are re-useable. Collect socks on arrival. 

Booking multiple activities

Climbing and trampolining require a 15 min briefing session before starting so you need to have an hour gap between these sessions. Soft play doesn't need a briefing session so you can book it to start straight after trampolining or climbing. 

Booking the whole centre

You can book the whole of Jump Jersey for £2000 for an exclusive 2-hour party.
There is no minimum number required but the maximum is 120 people at any one time.

Contact Katharine at to book or for more information.