Swim Academy Covid-19

Swim Academy Covid-19

When will the new term start?

Autumn term swim lessons start on Sunday 6th September through to Friday 6th December. All swim lessons previously booked for the summer term will be automatically transferred to the same day and time.

Please note there is no need to contact us to do this.


Do I need to re-book?

No, your unused lessons from when we were closed will automatically be transferred to the new term in September, the day and time will be the same. 

If you are unsure of what day and time your lessons are on you can log on your account to see. 

How do I move my child's lesson?

Parents who have children starting Reception in September who previously had lessons before 3.30 pm, please email Steve Dunford to organise new times at steve@lesormesjersey.co.uk

At present we can not move lessons for other reasons, we need to prioritise reception age children first. However, we will have staff on hand when lessons start to discuss your options in person.

How do I book more lessons?

We will be releasing online a limited amount of new swim lesson times on 21st August 2020. 

However, we will have a member of staff on hand when lessons start to discuss your options. 

I can't remember the times of my lessons?

Please log in to your account to see. 

Can I call or email you?

At present our team are very busy changing classes for children who have started school and we can not deal with other enquiries.  

We will have a staff member on hand when the lessons start to deal with your enquiry in person. 

Do I need to wear a mask

We are asking all customers in the swim area to please wear a mask whilst watching their children.