Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park

How to book trampolining?

All trampolining slots are available to book online 48 hours in advance. Availability is as shown on the booking engine.


What equipment is in the trampoline park?

The following Jump Jersey equipment is part of the trampoline park:




Ninja warrior

Total wipeout machine

If you want to use any of this equipment, you must book a slot in the trampoline park.

Please note height, weight, age and medical restrictions can apply to some equipment. 

Height restrictions

The following height restrictions apply to equipment in the trampoline park:

Trampolines - no minimum height

Ninja warrior course - 1.2m

Airbag - 1.2m

Total wipeout machine - 1.2m

Weight restrictions

The maximum weight for all equipment in the Trampoline Park is 120kg.

Age restrictions

There are no age restrictions to use the trampolines beds, however, under 5s must be accompanied in the arena by an adult who has paid to participate.  

The adult cannot use the same trampoline. However the adult can stand on the safety mat at the side of the trampoline.

Adults are classed as anyone ages 18 years or older

Medical restrictions

You must not use Jump Jersey equipment if you have one of the following conditions unless cleared to do so by your GP. 

· Circulatory conditions

· Heart or lung conditions

· Recent surgery

· Back or neck conditions (including rodded back and brittle bones)

· High blood pressure

· Spine, musculoskeletal or head injury

· Pregnancy

Guests with Down's Syndrome or Neck Instability

Les Ormes is an inclusive business, however, your safety and wellbeing is our priority. Therefore customers with Down’s Syndrome and neck instability, prior to taking part in such activities, will be asked to obtain evidence that a GP or paediatrician has screened them using the screening test developed by the British Gymnastics Association for Atlanto-Axial Instability.

Approval for participation signed by the GP or paediatrician shall be provided before taking part in any trampolining activities.

Guests with Achondroplasia

Guests with Achondroplasia (disproportionate Dwarfism) should not participate in trampolining as it is not recommended to perform gymnastics skills which involve repeated jumping or rebounding.

Refunds & booking changes

Bookings are firm and slots can't be changed after booking. No Refunds will be given for any cancelled bookings

To add more slots to your booking, you simply need to repeat the booking process.

Food & drink

There is a café in Jump Jersey serving snacks, hot and cold drinks and ice creams. 

Alternatively, the Brasserie is opposite serving food that everyone loves 7 days a week.

Trampoline socks

You must wear our approved trampoline socks, they can be bought online and are re-useable. Please collect your socks on arrival. 

Correct socks are vital to prevent injury, different parks use different grades of socks.

Jump Jersey socks have been sourced to suit our equipment and give maximum grip. The bright yellow branded Jump Jersey socks also allow our staff to easily verify that all participants are wearing the correct socks.

Toddler sessions

We offer daily tots trampoline sessions for children 5 years old and under at a reduced rate of £8 the supervising adult is not charged. This session gives you access to the toddler trampolines area only.

The total number of people allowed on the trampoline deck is restricted and this means we are not able to offer tots sessions or discounts at peak times. 

Adult supervision

Children under 12 must be accompanied into Jump Jersey by an adult in the following ratios:

For children aged 5 to 11 years old
1 adult to no more than 5 children

Supervising adults need to remain in the café or viewing areas whilst the activity is taking place. 

For children aged under 5
1 adult to each child

Adults must accompany children under 5 in the arena. The adult cannot use the same trampoline. However, the adult can stand on the safety mat at the side of the trampoline.

If you're booking for children under 5, we recommend choosing one of our toddler sessions.