Bringing a dog

Bringing a dog

Which units are dogs allowed in?

Not all of the accommodation units at the Les Ormes Resort and Les Ormes Seaside Cottages are suitable for dogs.

Dogs will only be allowed in the following properties:

Les Ormes Seaside Cottages properties:

Les Ormes Resort properties:
Range Lodges
Elm Lodge
Superior Lodges
Grand Lodges
Le Tir 

How many dogs are allowed in the units?

We allow up to 2 dogs per unit.

Do I have to purchase the Pet Plan?


The Pet Plan is £100 per dog and can be added to your booking online.

The plan includes a feeding bowl, dog mats and a deep clean after your stay.

Can I bring my other pets?

No, we only accept dogs and no other species.

Do you have restrictions on size and weight?

No, you can bring a dog of any size as long as they are well behaved and under control at all times. 

What happens if my dog disturbs other guests?

Dogs must be kept under control at all times and we operate a no noise after 10 pm policy. Guests are not allowed to walk their dogs on the Golf Course at any time. If your dog's behaviour breaks these policies or continually disturbs other guests, we reserve the right to ask you to remove the dog immediately.

What happens if my dog causes damage?

Your dog is your responsibility. You will be charged the full replacement cost for any damage caused to any property of Les Ormes.

Can my dog go on the furniture?

No, if you allow your dog on the beds or furniture, you will incur extra cleaning charges.