What I can/can't bring?

What I can/can't bring?

Furniture & electrical items

Our units are registered self-catering and are therefore subject to fire regulations. Therefore you can not bring:

  • Large electrical items like fridges or TVs
  • BBQ's are not permitted on site
  • Any large item of furniture, such as wardrobes

Unfortunately, Les Ormes does not have storage space or is insured to store items for you. 





Outdoor decked areas

Your decking area must not be used as a storage area. We don't allow guests to dress outside areas and deckings with domestic items such as:

  • Plants & shrubs
  • Satellite dishes
  • Personal outdoor furniture
  • Large items of children's play equipment
  • Sports and gym equipment

This list is not exhaustible and we wish you to have a comfortable stay, but politely remind that our registered self-catering provides temporary domestic accommodation, and is not a long-term housing solution.