The Bosdet Foundation. Did You Know?

Les Ormes is owned by The Bosdet Foundation, a charitable trust that invests money back into our local community with the profits from Les Ormes.

Les Ormes is a charitable trust

The Bosdet Foundation is a charitable trust funded by the profits of Les Ormes. Since 1989, we have donated to good causes in our local community. Bosdet's aim has always been to see long-term benefits and positive changes in our community.

  • Bosdet focuses on children and families
  • Donations have been around £300,000 per year since 2014
  • We are on track to donate £1,000,000 by 2030

Thank you for supporting us!

"Thank you"

By supporting Les Ormes you are helping us improve lives in our local community.

- Alan Le Pavoux, Charity Manager

Community projects we support

Since the beginning, The Bosdet Foundation has designed and run its own community projects, as well as being a trusted partner for other established programmes. 

The money you spend at Les Ormes helps support the following:

  • Camp Bosdet
  • Learn to Swim
  • Swim Safe
  • Safety in Action
  • ECOF - Every Child Our Future

To see how your money helps, watch this video about the difference Camp Bosdet made to local children's lives in 2021.