The Bosdet Foundation. Did You Know?

Les Ormes is owned by The Bosdet Foundation, a charitable trust that invests money back into our local community with the profits from Les Ormes.

Les Ormes is a charitable trust

The Bosdet Foundation is a charitable trust funded by the profits of Les Ormes. Since 1989, we have donated to good causes in our local community. Bosdet's aim has always been to see long-term benefits and positive changes in our community.

  • Bosdet focuses on children and families
  • Donations have been around £300,000 per year since 2014
  • We are on track to donate £1,000,000 by 2030

Thank you for supporting us!

"Thank you to all our guests"

Thank you to all our guests. Every penny spent at Les Ormes, benefits someone in our local community.

- Alan Le Pavoux, Charity Manager

Community projects we support

Since the beginning, The Bosdet Foundation has designed and run its own community projects, as well as being a trusted partner for other established programmes. 

The money you spend at Les Ormes helps support the following:

  • Camp Bosdet
  • Learn to Swim
  • Swim Safe
  • Safety in Action
  • ECOF - Every Child Our Future

To see how your money helps, watch this video about the difference Camp Bosdet made to local children's lives in 2021.