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5 tips for a round of winter golf

15 October 2020 | Written by Les Ormes

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2020 has brought many changes to our lives. The way that we’ve had to adapt our habits has been unprecedented. While there have been many downsides to this, here at Les Ormes we are trying to stay upbeat. One of the positives to come out of this year has been a sudden rise in the popularity of golf, a naturally socially distanced sport with plenty of fresh air.

Many of us have been trying out new activities, and we've seen plenty of people playing golf for the first time, or returning to it after a long break. Golf was one of the first sports that was allowed to re-open following lockdown: open-aired, socially-distanced and perfect for small groups. For many, it has been the perfect outlet during trying times.

We’ve enjoyed a glorious summer in Jersey, with some fantastic days for golf. Now we’re heading into more wintry weather, here are a few tips for golfers keen to brave the weather and get their golfing fix.


It sounds like a cliché, but when it comes to a chilly round of golf, nothing rings truer. Dress appropriately: not in big, bulky coats or jackets, but by layering up. You want to stay nice and loose so you can still swing with flexibility. Tight-fitting thermals are a great solution to this. And good, breathable waterproofs are essential. A strong umbrella can also be a lifesaver, but beware of high winds! Lastly, bring more than one golf glove so you can rotate using them, drying one whilst you use the other.


Cold and rainy weather isn’t exactly conducive for driving the ball far and long. Cold air is heavier and won’t allow the ball to travel as far, while rain will beat the ball up and reduce the distance of your shots.

For your irons and wedges, plan for a drop in distance of roughly 5-10 yards per club. Go at least one club higher than usual to compensate.

For your woods and driver, this drop in distance will be even more dramatic as there will be very little roll of the ball in wet conditions. So you can expect a drop of roughly 10-20 yards using these clubs. Again, club up to compensate.


If you’re struggling with your soft, high-performing tour-level ball, you might want to switch to a ball that’s a bit firmer. This should help straighten out your shots and add some distance. If you're struggling with visibility, switching to a brightly coloured ball can be a real asset on misty, rainy days.


No, this one isn’t a myth. It’s a cold hard fact! Or maybe a warm fact? Either way, your ball is going to fly further the warmer it is. The easiest way to keep your golf ball warm is to pop it in your pocket with another ball to rub together between holes.


Make sure you have fun out on our fabulous course. It’s a breathtaking view all the way around, so be sure to take it in and enjoy. And after your round of golf, our restaurant will be open to welcome you in for a warming meal and drink.

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