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What’s new for Jump Jersey’s crafts?

01 December 2023 | Written by Les Ormes

Making Slime

Find out all the recent changes that have been made to our craft area and schedule 👇

Slime Making

In what was once the slime area, we've unveiled an exciting new transformation: the birth of our charming 'bear cave.' Slime making can now be found in our ‘slime lab’. Here, young scientists can immerse themselves in a hands-on slime experiment with brand-new science equipment. For a touch of sparkle, we’ve added our eye-catching sequin and pearl dispenser which has proven to be a firm favourite amongst the kids.

Sessions have evolved into captivating, scientific adventures, where children are invited to explore, create, and learn with the guidance of our expert craft team.


Step into the warm and welcoming embrace of our all-new "bear cave." Here, walls adorned with playful paw prints and tables dressed in chequered tablecloths create a cosy atmosphere. The focal point is our adorable cabinet of bears where children can hand-pick their furry friend.

Our enhanced experience now includes a heart-warming ceremony ensuring a special connection is forged between teddy artisans and their furry friends. To make the experience even more magical, each bear is accompanied by a hand-curated Les Ormes bear pledge, sealed with a touch of fairy dust.


Our pottery area has been transformed into a radiant haven for creativity. An eye-catching display of pottery pieces now greets you, setting the stage for artistic inspiration. Paints are thoughtfully arranged within a revolving container on each table, ensuring that your painting experience is both convenient and relaxing.

Participants now have access to our brand-new stencils, elevating the artistic possibilities. Recently, we launched our eagerly anticipated "Pottery & Pinot" activity, catering to adults in the comfort of our stylish bar & restaurant. Sip on a cold beverage, savour delectable pizza, and let your creative energies flow as you paint, all while enjoying good music and good company.


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