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Fun in the sun: Beach day activities for your children

18 January 2024 | Written by Les Ormes

Family building sandcastles

There is so much for your little ones to get up to when visiting our Jersey bays.
Find out all the details below…

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of St.Ouen's Bay, our coastal properties provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family beach days. With its golden soft sand, inviting waters, and intriguing rock pools, this destination offers a range of activities for kids to engage in and create lasting memories.

Building Sandcastles

St Ouen's Bay boasts the infamous golden soft sand that is a dream come true for sandcastle enthusiasts. Encourage your little ones to unleash their creativity by building intricate sandcastles. From towering turrets to moats filled with seawater, the possibilities are endless. Let their imaginations run wild as they construct their sandy masterpieces.

Sea Adventures and Rock Pool Exploration

For the water enthusiasts, St Ouen's Bay provides the ideal playground. Kids can splash around in the refreshing sea, ride the waves, and enjoy the thrill of the ocean. Additionally, St.Ouen’s bay is home to fascinating rock pools that have lots of fascinating marine life. Children can explore these pools, discovering tiny fish, crabs, and other wonders. 

Kite Flying

On breezy days, when the bay catches a gentle wind, it's the perfect time to soar to new heights with a kite. Let your kids experience the joy of flying colorful kites against the backdrop of the vast ocean.

Shell Collecting

Jersey's impressive tidal movements bring a treasure trove of pretty to the shores. Equip your children with buckets or baskets and set out on a shell-collecting adventure. It's an excellent opportunity to teach them about different types of shells and marine life, all while fostering a sense of appreciation for the beach's natural beauty.

Expressive Sand Art

The beach can serve as an unlimited canvas for your little one’s creative ideas. From drawing elaborate designs to crafting intricate sculptures, the soft sand provides endless possibilities for artistic expression. Encourage them to experiment with various shapes, patterns, and even colors using natural elements found on the beach.

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