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Most Popular Beaches in Jersey

09 September 2022 | Written by Les Ormes

Beauport beach

All Jersey beaches are stunning BUT the Jersey Evening Post recently asked locals to vote on which beach was their favourite and the results came flooding in!

1) Plémont Beach (North coast)

As shown through the voting results, Plémont is one of Jersey's most breath-taking beaches. With beautiful golden sands, incredible sea caves and a fresh waterfall upon entrance to Plémont, it's no surprise that it was voted as number 1! Not only can you explore the gorgeous bay, walk your furry-friends and even try out some sea sports, there is a café that serves delicious meals right next to the beach. 

2) St Brelade's Bay (South coast)

Next in line is the beautiful bay of St Brelades, which has always been a top contender for our islanders. It has one of the nicest sands on the island, it is very finely milled and light in colour. St Brelade's Bay is also extremely popular for sea sports and swimming, any time of the year. There are many shops and Cafes along the front so you have everything you would need in close proximity. 

3) St Ouen's Bay (West coast) 

Number 3 is the infamous St Ouen's Bay, extremely popular for surfing and water activities. St Ouen's bay is one of Jersey's longest beaches, stretching five miles along our coast. There is plenty of space for beach BBQs and gatherings and there are plenty facilities along the bay. Grosnez Castle is can easily be spotted from the seaside and can even be swam to depending on the tides!

4) Beauport Bay (South coast) 

Beauport Bay is one of Jersey's hidden gems, it's located close to St Brelade's bay but tucked away just enough that you may not know it's there! To get to the bay you have to work for it, heading down slightly steep pathways but the result is definitely worth it as the views are simply beautiful. Not only can you enjoy the soft-sanded beach but the surrounding cliff paths are just as much of an experience, giving you the angles such as the below picture. 

5) Grève de Lecq (North coast)

Grève de Lecq is a small bay on the north coast and has always been very popular with visitors and locals. At this bay, the tide never strays to far out due to the where the beach is situated which makes it fantastic for sea sports and swimming. The facilities at Grève de Lecq are fantastic as there's plenty of parking, a shop (great for buying gifts for family back home) and cafes. 

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