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Jersey for the adrenaline junkie

01 June 2020 | Written by Les Ormes

Absolute Adventures Boat Tour

The pace of life in Jersey may be a little slower than the mainland, but that doesn’t mean that we islanders don’t like a bit of hair-raising, adrenaline-fuelled fun. Cliffs, caves, water and waves give us plenty of opportunities to raise the heart rate and that’s what makes Jersey a top destination for adrenaline junkies.

If you’re hunting a healthy shot of adrenaline, here are four of our favourite things to do in Jersey.

Conquer the coast on a coasteering tour

In Jersey, we often say the best way to see the island is from the water. During a coasteering tour, you’ll spend plenty of time in the water staring back at the granite cliff you’ve just plunged off! Taking the plunge during a south coast coasteering trip!


Taking the plunge during a south coast coasteering trip!


Coasteering combines cliff jumping, cave exploration and a spot of rock climbing into a fun, adrenaline fuelled experience. It’s the perfect way to explore Jersey’s coastal environment and get up close and personal with the local wildlife.

Absolute Adventures offer two different tours. You can explore the north coast from Greve De Lecq or access a secluded part of the south coast by boat on their tour that starts at St Brelade’s Bay.

Get surf lessons and start shredding

Surfing is sometimes described as the ultimate rush. We think the skydiving guys might have something to say about that, but for those that like to remain on planet earth for their adrenaline fixes, surfing is an afternoon well spent. 

There are multiple surf schools operating along St Ouen’s Bay. It’d be unfair of us to single out a particular school because as far as we’re aware they all offer fantastic equipment and coaching.

The most affordable way to enjoy a surf lesson is to group up or do it as a family. 

Group lessons range from £25 - £35 per person
Private lessons range from £45 - £70 per person

Wetsuits and board hire are usually included in the price. Just book a lesson and show up on time. Adrenaline, fixed.

Throw yourself off a pier

Ok, so there’s a bit of a theme here. If you like throwing yourself off or out of things, Jersey really is the place for you. The great thing about pier jumping is it’s completely free. The island is awash with piers, harbour walls and breakwaters of varying sizes, some of which are great for throwing yourself off of at high tide.

As fun as it can be, pier jumping is extremely dangerous. Please, only jump at high tide, and if you’re not sure what’s underneath the water, don’t jump. Rocks can be hidden.

St Brelade’s Bay pier. A popular spot for pier jumping. 

That said, the pier at St Brelade’s Bay at high tide is one of the safer spots. It’s frequently jumped by islanders at high tide and it’s a great introduction to a popular local pastime.

Ride the donuts and bananas at St Brelade’s Bay

If you like your adrenaline shot sitting down, book yourself onto one of the inflatable donuts or banana boats at St Brelade’s Bay and hold on tight. 

Donuts, towed behind speedboats at great speeds have a tendency to flip, spin and fire their riders high into the air. Luckily, the water’s there to break your fall but as we said, hold on tight and enjoy the ride! 

Absolute adventures run inflatable rides most afternoons. Each ride is £8 for a 15-minute ride. Get more information on their website.

And there you have it, five of our favourite ways to get the adrenaline flowing during summer in Jersey. You can book most of these adventures plus a whole host of other activities at our reception.

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