Jersey Attractions. These are the 'must-visits' of your holiday!

When planning your activity schedule for your holiday you may want to visit the attractions below. There are so many fantastic activities to do on our amazing island, we recommend that you check them out!

Elizabeth Castle

Put on your history hats and spend your day exploring this fantastic 24-acre fortress called Elizabeth Castle. This castle has protected Jersey for over 400 years, if you're lucky you might even catch the gunner doing his rounds. 

Children under 6 go free. 

Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil was the main fortress of Jersey from 1462 all the way to 1594 when Elizabeth Castle was created. To get to the top of Mont Orgueil Castle you will have to climb up 200 steps, but it's worth it - the view is fantastic. There are lots of historical facts to learn, and through artwork, stories, and lots of hidden treasures, you'll be leaving with new knowledge about the English crown. 

Durrell Zoo

Jersey Zoo opened in 1959, it is the headquarters for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - founded by Gerald Durrell, author and animal enthusiast who sadly passed away in 1995.

The zoo is made up of 32 acres of stunning land, with over 100 animal species living on site. There are many animals to see during your visit; from mammals such as Western Lowland Gorillas and Asian Short-Clawed Otter, Reptiles such as the Galapagos giant tortoise, and amphibians like the Posion Dart Frogs! With 2 cafes, the Dodo playground and a fantastic gift shop.

Maritime Museum

Our island's landscape and history have both been shaped by the sea. The Maritime Museum looks into all of this history to teach why things are the way that they are. Interactive stations can be found throughout the museum, allowing people to have a hands-on and visual approach to learning.

You can discover the lives of pirates who shaped Jersey's maritime past and look into the effects that the elements have had on the island.

Children under six go free.

Jersey War Tunnels

Visiting the War Tunnels can allow visitors to have an amazing insight into what life was like during the German occupation in WW2.

Jersey War Tunnels were created during the 5 years of occupation by the German forces, they show the history of the cruel Nazi regime. The tunnels were created to allow the German forces to withstand air raids and bombardment in the event of an invasion. There are over 1,000 meters of tunnels to explore, containing artifacts from the war and bear thought-provoking exhibits that share Jersey’s story from the beginning of the war until the liberation.

Trading Point

The Trading Point is a creative hub for local businesses to showcase their homemade products which range from body products, homeware pieces, candles, clothing, jewellery and much much more. Each artist has their own style of product.  

Find out more and their opening hours below. 

Jersey Arts Centre

Open all year round, the Jersey Arts Centre keeps the development and celebration of the local arts alive. There are lots of fantastic shows that get held here, so take a look and see if there is one happening during your stay!

The Jersey Arts Centre is located in the northeast corner of St. Helier, just down from Millennium Park.

St. Helier

Jersey town is all about taking your time. Exploring the high street and discovering all it has to offer. You'll come across fantastic small businesses and beautiful boutiques alongside some of your favorite 'well-known' brands. 

With lots of cafés and restaurants located in the hustle and bustle of town, you'll never be short of a bite to eat!