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Swim Academy

How to book swim lessons?

All our swimming lesson packages can be purchased online via our booking engine. 

Book Now

You can purchase a package for the whole term or the remainder of the term if the term has already begun.

A term consists of between 8 and 16 lessons. Each term is priced depending on the number of lessons and the level of teaching required.

What is a swim term?

Our swim terms roughly follow the school terms, we do not operate during school holidays including half terms. Your lesson will be on the same day and time weekly in term time.

What are intensive swim lessons?

Intensive swim weeks give your child the extra boost they may need to take the next step in their swimming development.

Intensive swim lessons will be Monday to Friday. If your child is a nervous swimmer or looking to move out of armbands, 5 lessons over 5 days can give them the confidence they need. 

Group and private (one-to-one) lessons are available over the school holidays.

Cancellations, deferments & refunds

Once purchased, lessons cannot be changed or refunded, this policy is strict and we only encourage you to book when you are ready to.

We need to plan our swim instructors timetables in advance and therefore we cannot defer or give credits for lessons you are unable to attend in any circumstances, this includes sickness and family holidays.

We understand sometimes you can't make a lesson and there is no need to let us know in advance. 

Choosing the right level of swim

It is really important you read this guide and that you are realistic about your child's ability before choosing which level of class you book.

Use the indicators below to choose an appropriate level for your child.

Level 1 - Adult & Child

To be ready for Level 1 - Adult & Child, your child must: 

  • Have had their first set of inoculation jabs
  • Be more than 6 weeks
  • Be less than 12 months old
  • Need their parent in the water with them

If your child is under 6 weeks or hasn't had their jabs, they can not go in the water.

Level 2 - Transition 

To be ready for level 2, your child must:

  • Be over the age of 1 year
  • Be ready for the parent to slowly remove themselves from the pool

Level 3 - Star Fish

Level 3 - Starfish has 2 levels within the programme.

To be ready for StarFish level 1, your child must be:

  • Able to swim independently using armbands
  • Confident in the water without a parent

To be ready for StarFish level 2, your child must:

  • Have started school
  • Be confident in the pool without a parent

Level 4 - Clown Fish

To be ready for level 4 - Clown Fish, your child must:

  • Be able to swim independently without armbands
  • Beginning to learn to front crawl

As a general rule, children between the ages of 5 or 6 with prior swimming experience will be at this level.

Level 5 - Octopus

To be ready for level 5 - Octopus, your child must:

  • Be able to breathe on the side whilst in front crawl
  • Swim more than 50m unaided

As a general rule, children between the ages of 6 and 8 with prior swimming experience would be this level.

Level 6 - Turtle

To be ready for level 6 - Turtle, your child must:

  • Be able to swim more than 200m unaided (8 lengths of Les Quennevais pool)

As a general rule, children between the ages of 7 and 9 with prior swimming experience would be this level.

Moving classes

The level of your child will be assessed by our instructors and we will advise if your child may need to move classes, this is always dependant on availability.

Teacher to child ratios

We try our best to operate on the basis of six children to one instructor.

However, these are subject to change. 

Starting lessons after the term has started

You can only buy a term of lessons at a time, however, if we have slots available after the term has started these will be available online.

If there is no availability showing on our search engine this will be because the class is full.

To avoid disappointment, we advise you to book your lessons in advance of the term.  

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