The Climbing Arena

The Climbing Arena

Covid-19 Restrictions

We have new cleaning regimes, numbers are limited to allow social distancing.

Masks will be mandatory from the 4th January for all non participating customers.


How to book the Climbing Arena

The Climbing Arena can only be booked online via our booking engine.

All trampolining slots are available to book online 24 hours in advance. Availability is as shown on the booking engine.

Age, height and weight restrictions

To climb you must meet the following requirements:

Be over the age of 5

Be at least 1 metre tall

Weigh more than 15kg and less than 120kg

Medical restrictions

You must not use Jump Jersey equipment if you have one of the following conditions unless cleared to do so by your GP. 

· Circulatory conditions

· Heart or lung conditions

· Recent surgery

· Back or neck conditions (including rodded back and brittle bones)

· High blood pressure

· Spine, musculoskeletal or head injury

· Pregnancy

If you have any of the following apply to you, please refer to our terms and conditions for further guidance.

Cancellations & refunds

Bookings are final. Once made, bookings cannot be changed or refunded.

What is included in the Climbing Arena?

The Climbing Arena includes 18 climbing walls, including 2 race walls, and the Stairway to Heaven.


You must wear suitable shoes to climb, preferably trainers or boots.

Booking multiple activities

When booking multiple activities please remember climbing and trampolining require a 15 minute briefing session before starting, so you need to have a clear time gap between these sessions.

Soft play doesn't need a briefing session, so you can book it to start straight after climbing or trampolining.

Adult supervision

Children under 12 must be accompanied into Jump Jersey by an adult in the following ratios:

For children aged 5 to 11 years old
1 adult to no more than 5 children

Supervising adults need to remain in the café or viewing areas whilst the activity is taking place. 

Booking the whole of Jump Jersey

You can book the whole of Jump Jersey for £2000 for an exclusive 2-hour party.

There is no minimum number required but the maximum is 120 people at any one time.

Contact Events on 497000 to book or for more information.